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Flowers at Fitzpatrick's Bar & Restaurant

We are passionate about the environment

Damien & Eramus, Fitzpatricks Garden Team

At Fitzpatrick’s, we are conscious that restaurants are one of the largest contributors to waste material in the country, with food waste making up the largest proportion of waste in our landfills.

We are committed to doing our share, helping to reduce waste and protecting the environment for the next generation.

Our dedicated restaurant eco awareness and waste management programme  eliminates much of the waste otherwise thrown away.

Our garden includes an area where we grow our own herbs and some vegetables which are picked daily for use in our kitchens.

Our programme includes:


>  Glass is crushed on site and separated by colour
>  Cardboard is bailed and recycled
>  Plastics, including bottles, bags, wrappings etc are all bailed and recycled
>  Tin cans are crushed, bailed and recycled
>  Vegetable food waste is composted and used on our flower beds
>  All garden waste is composted and returned to the soil
>  Wet food waste is processed in our on-site digester and used as fertilizer in our gardens.
>  Water is taken from our own well which is tested quarterly and certified for drinking
>  We use a ‘Hydro Pure’ Waste treatment plant which is upgraded regularly, and we invest heavily in time and     money to make sure that it is working to it’s maximum capability

We are dedicated to using energy wisely and instill in our staff the importance of saving electricity by turning things off when not in use and using energy saving bulbs and appliances where possible.